Arrowheads and tails are available to match 12.5mm, 20mm & 25mm single stripes.
Consider multiple stripes in the same colour alongside each other on the cove line or water line – see Gallery for examples.
For multiple stripes, apply additional stripe/s alongside the first stripe, evenly spaced. Use masking tape as a guideline between stripes.
For Covelines 12.5mm, 20mm or 25mm width stripes are usual.
Covelines are generally placed 100mm below gunnel for 25-30ft boats and 100 – 150mm below gunnel for 35ft to 50ft boats.
All widths are suitable for waterlines, noting the wider the width the more difficult the application.
You can incorporate a name into a stripe – see Gallery for examples.
When striping a coachhouse, you need to increase the width of the stripe as you move around the front of the coachhouse.
Applying waterline stripes through chines is quite difficult. If possible slightly raise the waterline at the bow and avoid the chine area.