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  Example of name onto wooden plaque
  Name onto Wooden Plaque
Shown by Toddy of Broken Bay Slipway.

Boat Stripes expertise extends beyond the waterways.

Ann-Katrin and her family designed the fun floral graphics for their vehicle and Boat Stripes supplied them.
  Blümchen - work in progress

Using Boat Stripes do-it-yourself guidance, Ann-Katrin and her children bring their family project to life.
  Window sign & design for The Akuna Bay Store
Designed for The Akuna Bay Store by David Holt.
  Close Up of The Akuna Bay Store design.
To achieve the vintage look the client was seeking, David created a charcoal drawing which was then printed in sepia colours onto adhesive material for application to the window.
  Charcoal Drawing by David Holt
Presented as Game Fishing Prize
Broken Bay Game Fishing Club
  You can stripe just about anything!
George Bennett's Collapsible Boat from his Winnebago. Stripes applied by Boat Stripes.
  David and Dolphin Fish
on Game Boats' Bertram "Two Dogs"


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